Paula’s Harp Studio

Young or old…ages 6 to 96... can read notes or never had a music lesson…

I feel I have the world’s best job teaching music and watching people learn and grow. I understand and honor different learning styles.

For students who struggle with reading notes, I teach musical patterns that allow many “by ear” learners to be able to play beautiful songs quickly.

I have been playing the harp since 1981. I have had 2 years experience on a pedal harp but made the choice to own and play a lever harp. I have been teaching harp since 1997 and music since 1979. My teaching style gives my students the opportunity to continue to play the lever harp or move up to a pedal harp if they desire. I teach proper hand position to prevent hand injures and for more fluid harp playing.

I arrange and write harp music to motivate and inspire my students. For more information on printed music please click on “Music”.

Would you like to play the harp? I would love to teach you! Harp lessons are $25 per half hour, once a week, paid at the beginning of each month. Due to time restraints, rescheduling lessons is only permissible in emergencies. Occasionally, I have harps for rent to local students.

For students who do not live in my area, I am available for “Skype” lessons. For more information please contact Paula.