“Hymns for the Harp”

This book is designed for beginner to intermediate levels of playing ability and size of harp. All the hymns are written in the Key of C. Some hymns are progressive so as the performer’s ability increases they can move on to the next “verse”.
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“Harp the Herald Angels”

(Christmas Music) Music by Paula Vance
Level: Beginner to Early Intermediate for Lever (or pedal) harps.
(note: Very few lever changes)
Christmas songs, many written at different levels. Duets include: "Noel Nouvelet", "0 Holy Night", "We Three Kings", and more …

“Children’s Harp Helper”

This book is designed for the child beginner harp student with no previous music experience. It includes: hand position photos, exercises, over 32 songs, 2 duets, 2 rounds, worksheets, graduation certificate and CD. 94 pages.
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“Harp Helper – More Songs”

This book is designed as a support for beginner to early intermediate harp students. The Base Clef (left hand) is written with musical patterns which help reinforce hand position, sight reading, theory, memorization and improvisation. All the songs are written in the Key of C or A minor with only one F# lever for “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. Fingering suggestions are on each song. Includes: 35 songs, and 8 exercises. 58 pages.